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Vertical blinds

Proud to sourced and manufactured in the UK

Vertical Blinds and curved vertical blinds in Plymouth

Blindology Blinds of Plymouth Vertical Blinds - The versatile answer to shading your home or office from the sun.  - We are proud that all of our vertical blind fabrics are totally sourced and produced here in the UK.

We can supply and install both the straight vertical blind - but also a curved vertical blind, these can be installed into some bay windows depending on measuring and site visit.

They are ideal for providing privacy and controlling the amount of light coming into a room. You can choos from a wide and varied choice from standard shade, dim out, blackout and performance blinds. There are also a range suitable for wet rooms.

Blindology Vertical Blinds are available in a spectrum of colours to compliment your room. We have specialist fabrics that perform a specific function, such as reduce glare for computer use, flame retardent, or even wipe clean.

Blindology Vertical Blind fabrics are available in 89mm and 127mm Louvre widths. Options for opening vertical blinds are: drawn to the left, right, or split in the middle to give you optimum flexibility. The tilt control - to angle the lourves - is controlled by a metal chain.

Our collection of stylish vertical blinds is second to none.  The fabrics we use represent the best selection available in today's market, in a large number of modern and elegant colours to harmonize with your interior decoration. No matter what your colour or pattern that is required we are sure that we will have a choice available for you.
Vertical window blinds Plymouth
  • A stylish and versatile way to filter the light into your home
  • Vertical blinds are great for any room but also perfect for large patio windows and conservatories
  • Ideal for protecting furnishings from sunlight 
  • Will give a professional finish for your business or home.


Vertical window blinds Plymouth lounge blinds by Blindology Blinds Plymouth
Vertical Blind Hardware:

Tracks are uncomplicated and robust. The components are made in aluminium, plastic and stainless steel. They do not present any corrosion problems in normal environments or moist environments.
The methods of construction minimise damage caused by operator mis-use. Any damage that does occur can normally be rectified easily on site. We only supply and install very good quality headrails as this is where all the work is carried out, other companies can and often will say "We only supply the best" we say then why not guarantee it for a good period?????? Dont always go with what people advise! They only want a SALE and take your money, PLEASE take your time when purchasing blinds!

The fabrics are designed specifically for Vertical and Roller blinds. Long-term mechanical and dimensional stability, colourfastness and ease of cleaning are considered to be of equal importance to appearance and economy.

Window blinds Plymouth vertical louvre/slat blinds Blindology Blinds of Plymouth
Vertical Blind Louvres:
All the fabrics have been designed specifically for vertical louvre blinds. Rigorous quality controls are applied throughout their manufacture starting with the yarn and ending with the final inspection of the slit cloth. Their satisfactory use in the harshest of conditions found in all five continents is a measure of their performance. A very important factor in today's safety conscious market is flame retardant. Certificates of compliance with most of the standards in current use have been issued for many of the fabrics. The slat or louvres are available in both 89mm or 127mm width (3.5" or 5") sizes. A lot of companies say that there are only 89mm slat sizes, this is completely wrong and untrue, as some widows will look far better with wider slats.
Curved vertical blind tracks for bay windows:
Curved track vertical window blinds Blindology Blinds of Plymouth
We can supply and install curved vertical blinds into bay windows, by using a track that will follow the curve of your bay, though sometimes this can not be achieved due to a minimum and maximum bend radius of the headrails. Please enquire for a home visit so that we can discuss your options.
Curved track vertical blinds are one of the best options for a curved bay window, this is due to the fact that the track is in 2 halves, instead of having 5 separate vertical blinds with each having a bunch and controls, the beauty of the curved vertical blind you only have a control for each separate track and the bunch can either gather on the left and right of each blind, thus complimenting you bay window even more.

Our largest curved vertical window blind was installed at W. C. Parsons at St Marys, Plympton.

Curved vertical window blinds Blindology Blinds Plymouth

This blind was installed into one of their offices at the front of the property. The size of the blind needed was over 5.5 metres in length! That was just the width not including the actual bend into was just the width, This did not  include the bend radius of the window bay area. Yes though they are slightly more expensive than a normal straight vertical blind, though the extra little bit of money spent on a curved track vertical blind is well worth it. Here we used the 5" (127mm) width slat/louvre size. 

Not only for the overall look and appearance of the window blinds, but for the fact that they are easier to control and THEY follow the curve of your bay window. We normally measure and price up both a set of curved window blinds and each window (normally 5) straight window blinds for customers, that way they can then choose the best option that suits them for themselves. Whether it is budget or appearance. Though you can be assured of a complete fast and friendly local service.